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Trying to Port Android OS for Wii

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--- Quote from: ryan0 on August 24, 2009, 01:55:51 PM ---Binary if this is true then I would be glad to help with the project,I'm very proficient in programming,just send me an e-mail or a pm.

--- End quote ---

Thanks ryan0 if I send you over a little bit of what I need help with and what not can we go from there...?

Oh and everyone for acid mods I will release pics in due time I don't need it leaked just yet and someone here will leak it and I will see it on QJ or something its still a work in progress I'm going to have to re-due everything I was really looking into it last night and I might have to use a Debian Kernel to run with the Android OS per say to make it easier to run Debian in my opinon is a great kernel to work with and I'm a big Linux fan I put it on damn near everything electronic in my house so I'm familiar with creating a whole Linux OS from scratch just the other day I created a whole new Linux for my laptop because I'm tired of using back track 4 the KDE desktop is ok but my new one is killing boyz....

Anyways people when this project starts filling all the pieces and we can really get like maybe a few vids of progress along with some photo's then I will get you guys everything it will be here first along with my facebook then I will submit it to the rest of the community okay....!!!

and Ryan0 I will go 50/50 with you on the credits for this project and then maybe we can both work on updates for it and I might try and host a site dedicated to the Android OS for Wii Project and setup a paypal donations button....  hopefully everyone at acid mods will help donate to keep the project alive....

Ultimate_Binary - Hit me up on msn - , i want to discuss something with you.

Okay I got most of my team so we started lastnight because I work 12 hour shifts and do this stuff when I have time and not tired so we where brain storming lastnight and we all have decided a debian kernel is our best bet in this situation someone suggested we just take the wii linux source and remix it into android we will have the beta ready by the end of the month that's about the maximum wait..

I'm already doing the artwork and working on what modules we can fit into it whats important so I might put a pull up or another topic to see what some of you would like to have with your wii like maybe *cough*airphrack *cough*  :tup:

anyways I don't have pics but I will link up some pic's of the backgrounds or wallpaper that will come with the beta I am also in charge of writing a tutorial and doing a video podcast of a How To's guide on installing and using it just basic stuff and then I will start a series of podcast on how to tweak the wii android os with new hacks and updates just gonna need more team players later on I guess....

Also doing the wii channels today for Wii Android...
Also working on some screenshots today of artwork...

You won't do this.

Also no such thing as "airphrack".
It's Aircrack-ng and uses the AirPcap drivers.

Also, debian kernel = not android.

You're not remaking Android (If you could write it from scratch, you'd be working for f :censored: g google and not useless stuff).
You're just making a linux look-a-like.

Found a way to use android on the wii threw a live cd I found this tonight you have to partition your SD card so you can add the linux live to that folder it will show up in the homebrew channel and just press A and bingo you got any distro of linux running on your wii haven't tested with windows live yet.... :#1:

Most likely I won't rebuild android I will just use the Live distro and then create a channel so you can launch Live CD's direct off of your SD card I got a 16GB SDHC card so I'm going to get as many Live iso's as I can and see which ones work and which one's don't.... :#1: :tup: :#1:

Also I went to and you can create a whole distro for free in less then 10min which is fat.... :hifive: :hifive:

I will update with a full tutorial on how to partition SD card where to add files I will make a zipped root file so people can drag and drop and don't have to get confused Noob Proof..... :tup: :tup: :tup:

I will also add the software to partition the SD card in my release should have a tutorial either today or this week sometime I got a bloody damn cold and can't sleep so I'm bumpin some tunes on my ipod doing some testing I also will add compatibility list for what OS works on wii and I will include the Ultimate_Binary Linux Live Distro....

You need a wii keyboard in order to use linux...... :hifive:

Okay so feedback is greatly appreciated!!!!!


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