Author Topic: Wanted: Electrical solderer to wire ambidextrous, multi-console arcade stick  (Read 399 times)

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First, tough time logging on.   When I asked for another image, it gave the same letters with a different image.  Maybe this website needs a fix.

Anyway, I am looking for 2 things:

1) a prototype electrician who can wire my ambidextrous, multi-console fight stick.   One company thinks wiring an Atari 2600 joystick with a pad hack method costs $200 for that adapter alone.  I'm looking for someone who has experience pad-hacing real PCBs to work with fight stick fro everything from the 2600 to the Switch, with 15-20 stops in between, and I have the real PCBs for it.  The funny thing is do it once, and you can record and repeat.   I'm using all factory original parts.

2) someone who can spread my design in the mainstream of one mass joystick maker.

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I removed your link in your post! Spam will not be tolerated here. I've issued you a warning and all your post will be monitored. Next infraction will lead to a permanent ban. U have been warned.