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Tripple mod fightstick.
« on: May 15, 2017, 05:54:41 PM »
Been sitting on this project for about 6 months, just never got around to finishing it. Now I'm more motivated to get it done and plan on sharing it with everyone.


Here's my rough draft project. I have a all fight sticks metal modular case that was custom made (like to add if you want a fightstick case see this guy seriously! Top quality at very very reasonable prices).

This fightstick houses a ps360+ pcb ( legacy console support, ps3, xb360, og xbox, dreamcast, nes, snes)

Brooks ps3/ps4 fight board pcb with a custom made paradise arcade breakout board with custom usb switching( can be dual nodded with the ps360+ pcb and has another usb port switcher for any other pcb board or kamari led programmer, before the ps3/ps4 board is powerd on u can hold joystick up to switch the the ps360+ board when u plug it in or hold joystick down whatever else u want in the other usb port).

Last I have a phreakmods xbox pad hack. This device makes padhacking easy to do with very minimal soldering. Only have to solder the LT, RT, B & the switch to home button to bypass the ps360+ pcb when turned on.

On the far right u will see an incomplete radio shack board I'm working on. Basically all inputs from the buttons and joystick will feed into the 90 20 pin header. From there there will be two sets of 20 screw terminals and the upright 20 pin header. All headers and terminals will All be connected to the main wiring harness off the buttons and joystick. This is where it gets a little complicated. From one side of the 20 screw terminals wires will go to the ps3/ps4 screw terminals on the breakout board then a 20 pin ribbion cable Will connect on the ps3/ps4 board then be connected to the 20 pin header on the ps360+ pcb. Now the other row of the 20 screw terminals on the radio shack board will be wired to the screw terminals of the ps360+ pcb. From there the d+ and D- on the ps360+ pcb will be solders to the phreakmods d+ & d- vias. Another 20 pin ribbon cable Will be connected from the 20 pin header on the phreakmods board to the upright 20 pin header on the radio shack board.

The ps360 board is built to be dual mod friendly with the phreakmods pad hack kit. The ps360 runs off the main usb neutrick and a rj45 neutrick. Rj45 is for legacy support and custom cables have to be made to support the legacy consoles. The ps360 will run indecent when hooked to the rj45 port. When running on the main usb port it is powers through the ps3/ps4 board. Before power on it can be switched from pcb to pcb by just holding the joystick in one direction. Now the cooler part is before power up if u switch boards u can hold direction plus home button and it will go through the ps3/ps4 board to the ps360+ board then over to the xbox one pad hack.

Its very difficult to explain but one I get the rest of my parts I'll post pics and maybe even a video just explaining how every works
 This joystick will virtually work on every know system. I could even use the extra usb port on the ps3/4 board and do a quad mod using a mc cuthulu board and this joystick will work with almost all known consoles in existence. Yes that is pretty cool.

I'll update this post as parts become available!
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