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WIP pstv venturi project
« on: February 16, 2017, 12:49:39 PM »
Hi guys !
It's been 4 years I've not posting my work on the forum .
I do not know if the forum is still active and if the people I met were still there .
But I am very happy to come back and share with you this project !

ps tv is a not highlighted and few exploited console.
Yet, it's a good console.

But when you play for a while. It heats ! :(
So ! Great remedy
A design dedicated to the function ,Only to cool more efficiently  ,but without forgetting a certain aesthetic .
hope you enjoy !!!    :winker:

For now , it's just the beginning .
The parts are printed in 3D and the aluminum is laser cut.
there is a Arduino with a program which puts the fan according to temperature.

The code is good, I will transfer that on an arduino nano

It is a project for the fun ! No headache
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