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PS Vita Slim
« on: December 22, 2013, 09:08:17 PM »

Sony has released a new Vita and sure enough it's a lot slimmer. The PlayStation Vita Slim has Very few changes, the screen size is the same all dimensions are the same. One of the major differences is that Sony got rid of that wonderful OLED off the first gen Vita and has switch to LCD for the new Vita. The new Vita has curves on either sides and most of the buttons on the device have been rounded off. The color line up are ranging from hot pink and black, to white and lime green, It's crazy to see Sony getting a lot more colorful. The rear touchpad has shrunk by about 3cm in width (the other dimensions are about the same). The LED Blue/Orange on the PS button has been move to the top of the Vita, The new PS button does not light up anymore. Other then that the built in storage on the new Vita is only 1GB. I think the new Vita is a great edition to the market but as for me I'll be keeping my original Vita for now.
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