Author Topic: Team Xecuter CR4XL Release Date  (Read 3608 times)

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Team Xecuter CR4XL Release Date
« on: September 26, 2014, 05:09:31 PM »

X  consoles has posted there release date October 13, 2014

The long awaited CR4 XL is now available to Pre Order.

Payment will be taken immediatley. Shipping is expected but not guaranteed by mid October. No refunds for cancelled Pre-Orders.

Available to VIP members only. First come first served - it is highly excpected that the first batch will sell out fast.

We recommend you purchase a Phat Addon Kit or a Slim Addon Kit depending on which board you are installing to.

Installers can buy 10+ units @ $19.99 each
- See more at:

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