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« on: February 16, 2014, 12:22:39 AM »
Managed to get my hands on a PC beta code (as well as the X1 code I gave to Matt). Anyone else playing it on PC at the moment?
I am having a blast with it, it's really hard to explain why its so fun, you guys need to give it a run when the beta opens up.

The first titan fight was so epic for me, two enemy titans beating on a friendly one, I charge in 'missiles a blazin' blow one of them up and rip the pilot straight out of the other, so exhilarating.
Only complaint so far is the lack of Aus/NZ based servers, running on ~200 ping to west US (see below), don't worry still stomping newbs though. 

If there are no local Oceania servers that's going to really kill its selling potential down here. If nobody else steps up I might right a short review/opinion based on my experiences after the beta finishes.

I know some of you have the beta so tell me what you think, I personally haven't had this much interest in a multi-player shooter in years.
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Re: Titanfall
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2014, 05:30:17 AM »
I did get a chance to play a few rounds with this on the Beta code Ghost gave me for the Xbox one. Within the first 5 seconds, I see the biggest hurdle to overcome with this game... "EA Games" Once the servers stated working, they seemed to work and run almost flawlessly which is a great surprise for an EA game. I did not experience any lag or boots from the server during my time spent online. The servers are listed by region of which there were four. (the US being divided into east and west.) I had no issue playing on either server. (after Friday's crash)

The game play was some of the best fun ive had in a long time. the seamless controls from the titan to the ground troops are flawless. The game play was extremely fast paced with a game play experience I can only describe as an offspring of Halo and battlefield. I too did very well in my first few games, and seemed to dominate the battlefield. This game seems to offer a more enjoyable play field as apposed to your normal strategic shooter games.

The graphics are of something we have never seen. It is a beautifully made game. The colors are vibrant and distinctive.

I am very happy with the first playing of this game, although I feel this maybe the Halo series for the xbox one and can only hope that it does not get overrun with 6 year olds as Halo did.   

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Re: Titanfall
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2017, 09:17:19 AM »
I'll use this topic, anyone still playing Titanfall 2? I'd be up for a game or two occasionally.