Author Topic: Modding a controller for one handed (left hand) use...need some help  (Read 1767 times)

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So my best friend had a stroke a year ago and lost the use of his right hand. He loves playing xbox (halo and call of duty mostly) but he can't really get into it because it's difficult to use the controller one handed.

What i'm trying to do is mod the controller to where the right analog stick is on the bottom of the right handle (much like Ben Heck did) so he can use it with his knee. I also want to move the ABXY buttons to the back side of the left hand grip of the controller, and noticed that someone had already done that with a joystick...I was wondering what joystick that was and where I could purchase it? I also need to come up with some buttons to solder to the right bumper and right trigger and put on the left side, also underneath the left grip.

Any ideas? I'd like to do this before he spends another $230 on a useless piece of junk like the Access Controller that he already has...the company selling it said that it was compatible with the 360, but it wasn't, and even if it was he hates having his hand spread out like that.

Any suggestions and places to order the parts online would be much appreciated.

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Re: Modding a controller for one handed (left hand) use...need some help
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2011, 07:56:51 AM »
I have something in the works thats is a single handed joystick that has an analog thumb stick and 2 x 5 way switches for abxy and dpad and l3r3. Still working on a dual trigger design but the concept is there. Basically the move is on the joystick and the look is on the analog thumb stick. If you think this will help let me know.