Acidmods Site Rules

Site Rules

A message from the site founder and Previous owner, the great Cyberpyrot:
When I created this site I made a promise to all the parents, that this site would be a safe place where their children can hangout, without vulgar language or pornography.  When designing this site we have spent many hours coding to prevent spam bots, inappropriate language, and other offensive material.  Although you may not see it, there are many nice young ladies that visit out site and females should be treated with the utmost respect and in no way should be made to feel sexually harassed.  Something that may not seem offensive to you or your culture may be viewed differently in the eyes of others and on this site we do not prejudice against any race, creed, religion, culture, species or gender.  Guests who are browsing the forums are looking for a reason to become members of this site. They came here to find MODS because that is what we do. It is quite possible that a single post may be used judged the other hundreds of thousands of posts.  Vulgar and harassing posts may not only discourage a potential member from joining, but it may cause a domino effect when that person tells other people and they in turn tell even more people. So please enjoy this site, post responsibly, and have fun!  If there isnít fun being had, it could result in the downfall of our community, and the end of civilization as we know it.

The forum rules:
  • 1 - No profanity what so ever.
  • 2 - Do not try to spell something in hacker language or like t.h.i.s in order to circumvent the censoring.
  • 3 - No pornography. This is a family site and it will not be tolerated (Instant Ban).
  • 4 - Harassing other members will not be tolerated.
  • 5 - Before you start a new topic, use the Search Function to look if there already is a topic that would be appropriate to post in. Posting before searching may result in being ignored.
  • 6 - Do not spam or post just to get your rank up. (Ie: One word, One smiley / combination of both)
  • 7 - Multiple accounts are not allowed and will result in bans and deletion.
  • 8 - Do not post threads/polls about what console is better. AM is about all consoles, not about which one is the best.
  • 9 - Any off post(s) Will Be Deleted with out Notice
  • 10 - When you are ready to leave our fourm, on good terms or bad, don't post anything that says your leaving, as your posts will be deleted.
  • 11 - Please try to avoid discussing religion, politics and other touchy issues. These are subjects that are impossible to hold an objective opinion and thus will lead to discrepancy that we do not wish to have in our community. We are not culturally or religiously intolerant we just don't want to see peopleís faiths and political directions being the cause of hurt feelings and poor posts in general. There will be some exceptions to this but that will be determined by staff.
  • 12 - No discussion of committing illegal activities of any kind. This includes but is not limited to: Drug use, stealing(wifi included), physical harm, warranty fraud, and piracy.  Everyone must at least pretend to be law-abiding member of society when posting in this forum, even if that is not the case.  In extreme cases can and will notify the long arm of the law with relative information posted here.
  • 13 - Linking to other sites for information is allowed. Linking to other sites in order to leach Acidmods members or Acidmods customers is not allowed
  • 14 - These rules may be updated at any time so by being part of this comunity you agree to abide by these rules and any further rules or alterations that are made.

Breaking anyone of these rules can and will result a warning and/or loss of membership at Acidmods